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Should I install a rain water tank? Installing a water tank is a great idea. Rainwater tanks can be installed in any backyard however big or small. A rainwater tank will cut your water costs and help with the environment.

What do I do if my gas hot water pilot light goes out? There will be relighting instructions on the lid or body of your tank. Unless the pilot is wet it should light without any problems. Call our staff for further help if needed.

How can I save water? Keeping your household plumbing fixtures in good working order will help your prevent water wastage, you need to check taps for leakage and replace tap washers when needed.

  • Install water saving shower heads and tapware
  • Check your water meter is not running constantly
  • Repairing leaking toilet cisterns

Why do my water pipes make a banging sound? Commonly known as water hammer, this sound is usually heard when water flow is suddenly turned off. This sound can be caused by:

  • Too much water pressure
  • Poor strapping of pipes to structure
  • Pipe mounting brackets working loose over time
  • No pressure reducing valve in a high water pressure area
  • Improperly sized piping
  • No dampening system put in place to absorb and reduce shockwaves

Water hammer can potentially damage your piping system and cause ruptures from weakened joints and valves. For this reason it is more cost effective to get the problem fixed when it arises.